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About Us

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Super Little Scientists is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) based program for kids aged 4-11 yrs old!!!


The program gives the students a chance to observe, discover, think, design and solve and above all play using hands-on experiments, role-playing and story-telling.

It is the brainchild of Divya Goel who turned her passion for science into a fun and creative venture for kids.

“I have a science background and a passion for science. After resigning from my job to be with my kids, I used to do little experiments with my daughter who used to enjoy them a lot. And thus I came with an idea to design a program suitable for kids where they can have fun while learning and nurturing their love for science. I am enjoying every bit of this including designing and teaching”


- Divya Goel




To introduce and nourish the joy of STEAM in the early learning years of kids when their brain is at its maximum elastic capacity. Science is all around us so STEAM should be a holistic part of our children future no matter what their career path.

What will they do?

Our little scientists will Discover & Explore natural phenomena through fun, playful, hands-on visually engaging SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS!

Kids will be given potions to mix and analyse: loose parts to observe and discover; things to measure and design; make hypothesis; and validate it by hands on experiments.

What will they learn?

Little Scientists learn about

Air & Water;

Earth & Space;

Electricity & Magnetism;

Energy, Force & Motion;

Human Body;

Light & Sound;

Shapes & Measurements;

Dinosaurs & Fossils;

Seeds & Plants;

Chemical Reactions;

and a lot more.

How will they benefit?

  • Enhanced curiosity - keep their Why and How questions answered

  • Knowing things around them makes them confident about themselves

  • Science Develops appreciation for little things

  • Performing experiments also develops their fine motor skills, team work and patience

  • Advance critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and creativity

  • Can-do attitude and self-belief

  • Make the world a better place



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rocket science
dinosaur science

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