Do you have Working With Children's Check?

Yes, I have a valid Working with Children’s Check issued by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian.

How many kids are there in each Science class?

There are a maximum of 12-14 kids in the class.

Are Parents required to stay for the duration of the class?

No, Parents or any other adult (except the teacher) are not allowed to stay in the class. Parents are requested to drop off their child and sign the attendance sheet.

What if my child is unable to attend a class for any reason?

Due to the nature of the lessons, individual student absences cannot be made up. As such, no refund is provided for student absences from any classes.

What should my child wear to the class?

The child should wear covered clothing, preferably not new (as clothes might get dirty) and covered shoes to the class.

Child must also bring the Labcoat and the Safety glasses to every class, provided on the 1st day of the class.

What is the process of Registration?

Step 1: Express your Interest

Step 2: Fill Registration Form (https://forms.zohopublic.com/admin827/form/ONLINEREGISTRATION/formperma/HqYGQpc1KNfVeIUQsl2eyJl7_9tDEMstPa7RLGUl3mA)

Step 3: Pay the Invoice

Step 4: Enrolment Confirmation

What sort of experiments will my child do?

In the class they will be performing hands on science experiments involving mixing portions, making hypothesis and inferring results as well as they will be given things to observe, discover and solve problems that will lead to the learning of basic concepts about their bodies and the world around.

Do you accept $100 Creative Kids Voucher?

Yes we accept the $100 Creative Kids Voucher. To apply, visit service.nsw.gov.au. To redeeem, provide the Voucher number at the time of Registration.

Can my Child have a trial class?

Yes, Your child can have a trial class for a School term program.