Celebrate your child's special day with a special Science birthday party. Assured fun with HANDS-ON Science for every child. It will be a party to remember!
Birthday Party Theme Ideas:

1. Space Science: how was our solar system formed? Big bang theory experiment, design their own planet using shaving foam and paper plates and an awesome and exciting rocket blast.  

2. Bubble Science: Make your own bubble mix. What makes a bubble strong and big? Then explore different ways to play with bubbles and get a chance to be in a huge bubble!!

3. Chemical reactions: Mix colours in test tubes be amazed, do chemical reactions using pipettes and beakers. and then can we use the same reaction to do an explosion or blast rockets??

4Slime ScienceKids learn about science of slime. Make their own slime with their choice of colours and glitters etc. (Take it home with them :0) 

5. Dinosaurs: Be a paleantologist. make their own fossils to take home. Find dinausaurs fossils and map them to figure out which dinosaur was it. Volcano experiment.

6. Catapult: Action-Reaction Science. Break the cup Tower challenge with balls using self made catapults. Make and design your own Party popper to take home.

Your birthday Party package will include:


1. 1 hr of safe and super fun hands-on Science for every child 

2. Labcoat and safety Goggles for each child to wear for the party to get the amazing feel of bieng a Scientist

3. Online Invitations (Theme based) for you to send them via whatsapp or print

4. Venue and furniture included so you don't have to clean up before and after the party

5. Some Sustainable decorations with Awesome Science Backdrop and a cake table.

6. Plus 20 mins Time to enjoy the Cake with all parents welcome in

7. Digital photos of the party

8. Optional Magnifying Glass or magnetic wand for every child.



At entry kids get their access cards with access numbers to type in, to enter the lab. They are required to sanitize their hands and then scan their hands (pretend scanner, to give them technological feeling) to get access.



Cost of the package is $449 for the 1 hr 20mins Science party for upto 10 kids.

As a registered Creative Kids Voucher Provider you can also redeem your $100.

For any added child, the cost will be $15 extra per child.


You can include a sciencey cake (depending on the theme ~$90)(eggless and nutless). Plates and spoons and tissues can be provided. (+$20)